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Driven by a strong belief in challenging traditional assumptions around Process Management, team Finnastra empowers its diverse global clientele with a full range of innovative Revenue Cycle Management and Financial Accounting Solutions, Streamlined Consultancy Practices, and Custom Technology Solutions to fuel business transformation.

Finnastra aspires to be a leader in harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and leveraging data to build robust frameworks driven by our People, Processes, Analytics, and Technology Approach.

Our Services

Finnastra offers an extensive range of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions to a diverse global clientele.

Pre-Registration and Pre-Authorization

Updating the software with patient demographics, eligibility verification, end-to-end prior authorization process, medical necessity screening, collecting patient responsibility, and recognising the associated payment risks, followed by patient visits.

Eligibility and Benefits Verification

Finnastra guarantees patient account configuration with updated insurance details to generate error-free medical claims for insurance adjudication.

Medical Coding

Our accurate and efficient coding solution adds excellent diversity to various medical claims the coder processes daily with utmost precision.

Demographic Entry and Charge Capture

Our well-structured demographic entry and charge capture process guarantees 100% protection of patients’ personal information.

Payment or Cash Posting

The claims reach the insurance payers upon submission. The reimbursements in lieu of claim requests are posted in our advanced medical billing system.

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Accounts Receivable (AR) Management

We execute pending claim follow-ups and collection, analyse reasons for claim denials, track outstanding receivables and fast-track our RCM process.

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Your Revenue is Our Commitment

Let's maximize your operational efficiency together.

Your Revenue is Our Commitment

Let's maximize your operational efficiency together

Your Revenue is Our Commitment

Let's maximize your operational efficiency together











Our Core Values

These founding pillars and guiding principles define the organisation’s culture that fosters value creation for its clients, which drives business growth


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Better Health Care is Our Mission

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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