About Us

At FINNASTRA, we understand and identify issues which are unique to your processes and offer customized solutions to enhance and increase your revenues that enables you to focus on patient care, business expansion and investing on technology to take your business to the next level while taking the re-imbursement burden off your shoulders, reducing overhead charges and freeing up your office staff to attend to your patient’s needs.

We break down every complex billing issues to a micro level to create a detailed work process to expedite error free submission of claims on time to get you reimbursed faster. 


Getting paid on time has become a very challenging process and has affected the steady inflow of funds to be spent on business expansion plans and other business development activities.

The healthcare providers are disappointed and feel unsecured by the cumbersome procedures used by the Insurances to pay on time. Surveys show that at least 30% of provider’s hard earned money is not getting paid even after 90 days from the day the actual service was rendered. They are either denied or held up by the payers for more than a year for various reasons. It makes the providers to feel that they will never be able to collect this money. They eventually write them off considering the time and resources to be spent on collecting them and rather work more to compensate for the losses. 

Due to lack of time, providers find it difficult to keep up with industry updates, current payer guidelines and policy changes while focusing on patient care. They definitely require professionals having expertise to handle it to make sure every service done gets reimbursed on time. It will be a good idea to recover the hidden revenue in your pending AR rather than looking for funds from outside to expand your business and keep you growing. 

There are several companies to take care of your billing needs. It will be wise on the provider’s part to carefully evaluate and choose the best among them who can deliver results consistently while keeping the cost factor at a competitive and reasonable level.            

Our Business Model includes


  • Well qualified and experienced man power equipped with modern technology and efficient tools.
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of industry guidelines, payer specifics and state specific laws.
  • Effective & proven workflow methods.
  • Experience across multiple PMS platforms (Web based/Server base
  • Powerful and accurate reports that give you deeper insights into your practice.

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care


Error free charge entry, coding & payment posting


Timely claim submissions & Faster reimbursements


Effective AR analysis & Payer follow up


Immediate secondary & patient billing as soon as primary payment received


Quick action on denials


Reduced administrative costs

Better Health Care is Our Mission

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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