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Cardiology Billing Services

Cardiology Billing Services

The advancement of technology and the use of more complex diagnostic procedures in the medical industry has added another layer of complexity to cardiology billing for many medical practices. This complexity can often result in gaps in the billing process. If not identified and corrected in a timely manner, these gaps can cost your provider time and money.

In addition, the constant evolution of medical technology requires many billing codes for various procedures to be revised and updated. In cardiology billing, this translates into a high risk of over coding and under coding during procedure documentation due to the ever-changing nature of coding which often affects procedures such as angioplasty, ECG, valvular, and stent replacement.


In short, complex cardiology billing is not only caused by the advancement of technology and more intricate diagnostic procedures but also due to the constant requirement for accurate documentation and coding that must be brought in alignment with new and revised codes. As a result, your practice should be aware of the factors that can cause lost revenue and correct them before they result in decreased revenue.

Cardiology coding and billing services for physicians can be extremely challenging. There are many codes that are not accepted and you need to prove medical necessity for procedures and services.

Accuracy in coding is the responsibility of CMS, who publish and hold a list of accepted CPT codes and they monitor all providers. However, even with this monitoring, data extraction mistakes can still happen and this is why you need to take action to avoid denials. This is extremely challenging and requires professionalism and expertise to keep claims clean and payments flowing.

Administration of finances and bills in cardiology clinics or practices is a time-consuming process which requires great attention to details. Furthermore, not all procedures performed by your staff are covered by malpractice laws and without a systematic approach to data extraction you could leave yourself open to potential breaches in compliance.

Cardiology billing challenges cannot be avoided but you can always prepare for them. A good medical billing solution tackles these difficulties and smoothen the flow of the organization’s financial cycle. We, at Finnastra Healthcare Services have experienced and trained coders and billers who are well versed with latest updates in cardiology billing.

Our professionals can easily recognize problems in your billing system and fix them promptly to bring in more revenue. Financial stability allows the physician to operate at optimum service and care for their patients. We have expertise in the following cardiology billing specialties: Nuclear Cardiology, Peripheral Studies, Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiac-Peripheral Interventions and Diagnostic Cardiologic Procedures.


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Our team of experts is not only highly trained but also always up to date with the latest developments in the field of cardiology. We believe in the importance of ongoing education, which keeps our specialists at the forefront of emerging trends and recent changes in cardiology. This ensures that they have a comprehensive understanding of evolving billing protocols and requirements.

On top of their expertise in navigating the complexities of cardiology billing, our specialists have a proven track record of success in processing medical claims from various payers. Whether it's dealing with commercial insurance companies or federal payers like Medicaid and Medicare, our team is skilled in efficiently managing the intricacies of each reimbursement system. This means we can maximize the revenue potential for your practice.

Moreover, our specialists excel in minimizing the risks of financial losses. They implement strategies to reduce costs and improve both the clinical and operational efficiency of your practice. By leveraging their expertise and taking proactive measures, they can identify and address potential pitfalls in the billing process. This not only safeguards your practice's financial stability but also optimizes its overall performance.

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