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  • Many providers believe that doing their billing in-house is more beneficial and safe as it gives more control over their finances. It’s not true as it takes half of their time away from patient care while increasing the administrative and over head costs. Many in-house billers and billers working from home are neither well trained nor knowledgeable on payer guidelines and industry requirements. These leads to erroneous transactions, poor or decreased revenue, more and more denials, delay in getting paid, continuous increase in account receivables. There are providers who almost went bankrupt before choosing a dedicated billing company. By choosing FINNASTRA you are relieved from the burden of managing your billing & billers and save time which can be spent on quality patient care and take your business to next a level. We use trained billers that are current on industry guidelines who work systematically and help you get paid faster.

  • Choosing FINNASTRA as your offshore billing partner does not limit your control over your business in any ways. In fact it’s the other way round. You are kept well informed through our daily, weekly and monthly reports which are practical and easy to interpret. We schedule weekly and monthly calls with our clients to review the performance and discuss any updates or issues to improve the health of your business, moreover we are just a call away if you need to talk to us and we are available during your business hours.

  • Yes!!! We are a Startup but a Startup with 15 years of combined experience in medical billing industry. That makes the difference. The advantages of choosing a Startup is tremendous.

    • You get the all the attention and extra time of experienced professionals taking care of your revenue cycle.

    • There will be no compromise on quality of service & customer satisfaction.

    • Our success depends on your success.

  • Our management team has a combined experience of 15 years in Medical billing across multiple specialties. Our work force has a well understanding and thorough knowledge in payer specifics and industry guidelines and understands the nitty-gritty of the business better. We use experienced and well trained staff who work full time for five days a week. We separate and clearly define every process such as charge entry, cash posting, denial management, payer follow up etc. to ensure process efficiency and assign each work function to an individual who is an expert in that specific process. It reduces errors and helps you get paid faster. We provide intelligent reports and statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis which provide deeper insight into your business. We are 100% HIPAA compliant and just a call away when you need to talk to us. Our pricing is very competitive and best in the industry.

  • Yes, we are. As an offshore billing partner we understand the importance and implications of HIPAA and have made sure we are fully HIPAA compliant and every piece of PHI is well protected through our information and compliance programs. For more details please check our Quality and Compliance page.

  • We break down every complex billing issues to a micro level to create a detailed work process to expedite error free submission of claims on time every time to get you reimbursed faster. For more details please refer to our Work flow chart.

  • We maintain quality through continuous audit checks. Weekly refresher tests are carried out to ensure our associates are current on process/industry specifics. Our quality analyst checks and validates every individual’s quality for error free transactions. Our productivity tool enables us to track down the quality performance of every individual and helps us to identify any quality breach at the most earliest stage.

  • Physical access to workstations is restricted. Every associate has a unique user name and password for their computer systems and respective folders. This restricts any unauthorized access into our network. We use secured VPN tunnel to transfer data files between our clients which reduces the risk of data theft. Faxes, insurance correspondences and printed documents are stored in secured lockers.

  • Yes, data backup is taken on a daily basis to avoid loss of data and restoration of data in case of system crashes and unforeseen events to ensure business continuity.

  • Our transition process is smooth and transparent. Our experienced transition specialists interact with your staff to understand your project and any specific issues to develop process documents and SOP’s. We go into pilot phase and review the effectiveness of the process to make any adjustments if needed before GOING-LIVE.

  • Claim processing time differs from payer to payer. For instance Medicare pays within 14 days of receipt of claims. Commercial & other payers usually pay within 30 -45 days of receipt of claims If claims are not paid within this time frame, we immediately follow up with respective payers through phone calls to figure out as to why there is a delay in claim processing and take appropriate actions to expedite processing. We also group claims into age buckets and do rigorous follow up on claims that are not paid even after 60 days from the date of submission. 

  • Your concerns are very important to us and any queries through E-mails or Phone calls will be addressed within 24 hours. However priority issues are addressed as quickly as possible. 

  • We handle billing for multiple specialties and we are specialized in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Radiology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Paediatrics, Anaesthesiology and Pathology.

  • No, in fact we make use of your existing IT infrastructure to avoid duplication of work, data migration to a new PMS, changing clearing house and the time taken in educating your staff on new softwares. This enables you to access your software anytime for reports, monitoring, limiting access rights, etc.

  • We take care of your A to Z billing needs while we also help you with any specific process according to your requirements. We are sure that you will be impressed and trust us with your complete billing cycle later on.

Finnastra FAQ's

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