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Neurology Medical Billing Services

Challenges in Neurology Billing

Complex Coding Requirements

The treatment and related services in neurology often have to be coded very strictly and accurately because of the subtleties of neurological conditions and treatment. If the coding is not correct, the claim would be rejected or take longer to get reimbursed.

Regulatory Compliance

Apart from red-tape and regulations, constantly changing healthcare rules and guidelines are creating another layer of complexity for this sector. Neurologists have to ensure that they communicate with patients through HIPAA regulations, follow the coding guidelines to a T (namely ICD-10), and abide by every single payer-specific code, among other things.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is a key management area for the effective running of any healthcare facility. Underpayments, low denial rates, and claim processing delays lead to the main financial stakes of the practices. This leads to significant over-budgeting of cash flows and the final income of the hospital is impacted.

Patient Payment Challenges

Disease specialists like neurologists often lead to processes of patient payment collection being delayed due to the rise of high-deductible health plans. Informing patients about their financial obligations and coordinating patient billing are central issues.

Advanced Billing and Coding Expertise

The modern hospital management system launched by the end of 2014. Their library of 2 million queries reinstructs the system on what to look for when looking through the physicians' notes, and thus the functionality check in the HMS is technology and language dependent.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

To finally clear away the many obstacles that arise in the course of the operating cycle, Finnastra's solution is a type of the service as it includes from claim submission to payment posting. They offer, among others, preemptive denial management and appeals, with the consequence that the workload for neurology practices becomes less.

Technology-Driven Solutions

Working with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, Finnastra not only introduces to neurology practices the software that processes the bill, but the tool also acts in unity with the patient-base-system. Consequently, the process of diminishing blunders made by humans gets stimulated as a result of identifying where mistakes occur.

Solutions Offered by Finnastra

Finnastra, the growing healthcare technological and services firm, is the one to be counted on for specialized treatments that were developed since the specialists became accessible to it

Expertise and Coding

Advanced billing and coding solutions provided by Finnastra are custom-designed for neurology. Their team of the best coders makes sure that coding and compliance meet regulatory standards. As a result, the claims are rarely denied and the reimbursement process is expedited.

Revenue Cycle Management

All things considered, Finnastra eliminates the bottlenecks caused by a technology delay across the revenue cycle of a healing institution. This exhibits a new approach to reengineering of the patient accounts department and is part of the ongoing RCM effort. More meaningful steps are also seen in this direction, namely, pre-authorization denial management and appeals, which lessen the burden of neurology services.

Technology-Driven Tools

Finnastra supports neurology practices by providing them with the best medical software that includes the check-in functionality for patients, and the financial record management module for operators. The software is built to identify the improvable areas and it will not let go until all the mistakes are corrected which automatically increases financial performance.

We understand the intricate world of neurology medical billing like no one else. But let's face it, it can be quite a headache, right? Here are some common challenges that neurologists often face:

The Need for High-End Training

Just like you need to know the ins and outs of the human brain, a neurology medical billing specialist needs to master complex electronic systems like EHR/EMR. These systems are essential for maintaining digital patient records. And guess what? They're not exactly user-friendly! Plus, neurology billers & coders need to renew their licenses every 2 years, which involves extensive study to stay updated with the latest changes. Quite a task, isn't it?

Offshore Neurology Medical Billing Services We've Got You Covered!

Neurology billing in the healthcare sector presents specific problems that can only be solved by highly skilled professionals and well-organized strategies. Finnastra does all that by developing custom-made solutions that not only enable a high success rate in collections but also help neurologists in the area of compliance and the overall financial function. On the other hand, the technology-forward approach and full cycle revenue management provided by Finnastra is the only way medical providers can focus on a successful patient care program and make the best of their financial functionalities.


Our Values and Services

We believe in effortless and accurate billing, coding, claim submission, and payment posting process. Here's what we do:

  • Consistent accounts receivable follow-up

  • Regular performance of prior authorization

  • Switching denial management mode to denial prevention

  • Well trained in the efficient use of Medical Coding Software

  • Successful in processing medical claims with both commercial insurance companies and public payers like Medicaid and Medicare

  • Efficient in working with Medicare & Medicaid and understanding state-specific policies

  • Expert in eliminating any risk of losses, reducing costs and helping you achieve improved clinical & operational efficiency

So, ready to take the stress out of neurology medical billing?

Get in touch with us today and let's make your life easier!

We have a team of specialists who are

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