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Eligibility Verification

To avoid claim denials or deferrals, every insurance policy must be validated before scheduling a patient appointment. We leverage payer websites or call the payer helpline to verify the policy benefit inclusions and eligibility before updating the patient’s account to ensure the requested services are covered and paid for.

Patient Registration & Charge Entry

The process includes updating patient demographics after face-sheet verification, recording treatment details subject to insurance-specific guidelines and reviewing claims before submission.

Even minor typographic errors, including misspelt patient names, incorrect Date of Birth entries, and Insurance Identification Numbers, lead to claim denials, eventually resulting in payment delays. We guarantee 100% accuracy of the demographic and charge data details.

Medical Coding Services

Our certified coding specialists ensure error-free medical billing against services rendered. We contact the physician for clarification in case of a mismatch between the super bill and the corresponding medical record.

Cash Posting

We meticulously analyse insurance correspondence and payment receipts to carry out error-free payment posting while raising immediate appeals against underpaid claims and reporting overpaid claims to providers monthly.

Denials Management & AR Follow-Up

Our team thoroughly investigate every denial to identify the root cause before raising a follow-up appeal to reprocess claims. The claim denial cases are recorded for internal quality and training purposes to avoid similar denial reoccurrences.  


If payments are not received within 30 days of claim submission, our specialist AR callers contact payers to track the claim status and take prompt action to expedite the payment. 

Patient Billing & Follow Up

We deliver statements to self-pay patients and patients with out-of-pocket responsibility, such as co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles. If required, we call patients, requesting them to settle their dues.

Enrolment Provider & Credentialing

Are you an upcoming provider or an existing one trying to renew your contracts? Team Finnastra takes the stress off you by filling up the necessary forms, mailing them to the insurers and following up with them to expedite the claim settlement process. 

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