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Plastic Surgery Billing

Are you tired of dealing with the hassle of managing plastic surgery billing in your practice? Are you frustrated by long accounts receivable days and inefficient communication with insurance companies? Well, now is the perfect time to simplify your practice and outsource your plastic surgery billing to a team of skilled professionals who can handle all your billing challenges effortlessly, using the latest technology and compliance audits.


Here at Finnastra Solutions, we have perfected the art of plastic surgery billing to ensure accurate coding and billing processes without the risk of rejection or underpayment. Our team will work closely with you to analyze the availability and completeness of all necessary documents, significantly reducing your accounts receivable days and the likelihood of rejected claims. To further guarantee accuracy, we conduct coding audits to ensure that every code is correct and ready for claims submission.


Outsource Your Plastic Surgery Billing Services

All Types of Reconstruction Surgeries

Laceration Repair

Post-mastectomy Surgery

Scar Revision

In addition, our plastic surgery billing services cover various surgical procedures, such as

Our Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Billing Services

At Finnastra Solutions, we are committed to delivering top-notch plastic surgery medical billing services that comply with HIPAA regulations. As a reputable plastic surgery billing company, we have developed a streamlined billing process to alleviate your worries and ensure accuracy. Our plastic surgery billing services include:


  • Electronic Billing to Federal and Commercial players.

  • Consultation Services and Contractual Evaluation

  • Same Day Electronic Submission of Claims Prior Authorization

  • Rules and Code Variations

  • Fee Analysis

  • Demographic and Market Analysis

  • Advanced Billing Software Solutions

  • Physician Credentialing

  • Managed-care Contracts

  • Successful Payment Collection Strategy with Insurance Providers

  • Custom Reporting

  • Relationship Management between Payer and Patient

  • Coding Audits

  • Patient Collection for Surgeries

  • CPT Coding and Reimbursement Analysis

Our Efficient Plastic Surgery Billing Process

At Finnastra , We believe in providing transparent and efficient billing services that accurately reflect the quality and quantity of processed claims. Our plastic surgery billing process follows these steps:


1. Insurance Eligibility Verification: We thoroughly review digital and paper documents, as well as financial records, to determine the eligibility of claims after patient check-in.


2. Coding Procedures and Diagnosis: Medical invoices for surgeries, diagnoses, and other procedures are coded according to relevant coding systems while ensuring compliance.


3. Charge Entry: We create patient accounts and document all invoices accordingly. The cost of plastic surgery will be reimbursed based on the charges entered.


4. Claims Submission: Once documentation and charge entry are complete, we submit claims to insurers for reimbursement.


5. Payment Posting: Payments received from insurance are accurately recorded in the respective patient accounts within the PMS for further reconciliation.


6. Denial Management & Appeal: If any claims are denied, our denial management experts investigate and handle the appeal and resubmission process.


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Why Choose Finnastra Solutions for Plastic Surgery Billing Services?

When you choose to outsource your plastic surgery billing services to Finnastra, you can rest assured that your practice will not be affected by lengthy turnaround times or excessive documentation rework. Our systematic approach to billing, refined over many years, ensures your complete satisfaction and value.

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