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Finnastra’s core values feature an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality of work. We establish a foolproof RCM process that guarantees top-of-the-line results with zero errors.

Our team runs frequent audit checks and conducts weekly refresher tests to ensure our associates stay updated with the processes/industry specifics. 

Our productivity measurement tool enables us to track every individual’s performance quality, identify quality breaches at the initial stages, and implement necessary controls.

Our Compliance Plan

  • Restricted physical access to workstations.

  • A unique username and password allocation to every associate to restrict unauthorised access to our network

  • Employees must sign an Intellectual Property Agreement during onboarding, including a clause prohibiting PHI disclosure (Protected Health Information)

  • Finnastra’s specialists leverage secured VPN tunnels to minimise the risk of data theft.

  • Faxes, insurance correspondences and printed documents are safely stored in secured lockers.

  • Cameras and devices which can copy and transfer data digitally are not permitted at our work stations.

  • Redundant forms and documents containing PHI are thoroughly shredded.

  • Daily data backup to avoid data loss which ensures business continuity.

As a globally trusted medical billing company, we recognise the significance and implications of HIPAA and guarantee 100% HIPAA compliance by outlining strict policy documents.  Our information and compliance programs are committed to protecting every piece of PHI.

HIPAA/Information Security

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