Quality is one of our core values and we guarantee our clients that every work process is handled systematically to ensure quality and reduce errors thereby we have incorporated well defined process and procedural documents to carry out every work function efficiently. 

Continuous audit checks and weekly refresher tests are carried out to ensure our associates are current on process/industry specifics. 

Our Quality Analyst checks and validates every individual’s quality for error free transactions.
Our productivity tool enables us to track down the quality performance of every individual and helps us to identify any quality breach at the most earliest stages and correct them.

Our Compliance Plan

  • Restricted physical access to workstations.
  • Every associate has a unique user name and password for their computer systems and respective folders. This restricts any unauthorized access into our network.
  • Every employee has to sign a compliance and confidentiality document at the time of joining the organization which includes a clause for non disclosure of PHI (Protected Health Information)
  • We use secured VPN tunnel to transfer data files between our clients. This reduces the risk of data theft.
  • Faxes, insurance correspondences and printed documents are stored in secured lockers.
  • Cameras and devices which can copy and digitally transfer data are not allowed in our work stations.
  • Forms and papers containing PHI which are no longer required are fully shredded.
  • To ensure business continuity data backup is taken on a daily basis to avoid loss of data.

HIPAA/Information Security

As an offshore billing partner we understand the importance and implications of HIPAA and have made sure we are fully HIPAA compliant by laying down strict policy documents. Every piece of PHI is well protected through our information and compliance programs

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