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At Finnastra Healthcare, we specialize in streamlining the revenue cycle management process to address any gaps that may affect your financial figures. We rely on proper authorization, top-notch coding, and continuous monitoring of key performance metrics. With our modern RCM software, real-time analytics, and a dedicated team, we can help your practice improve profitability, reduce administrative burdens, and adapt more effectively to industry changes.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Optimizing Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle for Better Returns.


Hospitals, clinics, academic medical centers, and other physician practices face the challenge of delivering high-quality care while also dealing with reimbursement and collections. For many healthcare providers, maximizing revenue cycle efficiency and improving billing and accounts receivable are crucial in achieving healthcare reform goals. Unfortunately, relying on conventional methods and limited resources makes it difficult to track costs, spending, and revenue. To make matters worse, health systems lose billions in unpaid and underpaid claims. 


By outsourcing your revenue cycle management to a leading medical billing and revenue cycle management services provider like us, you can streamline your operations, reduce insurance claim denials, and maximize revenue while staying compliant with regulations.


Finnastra Healthcare Services offers comprehensive medical revenue cycle management services powered by advanced technology and robust systems. As a healthcare provider, your primary focus should be on providing the best treatment for your patients, not getting lost in the complexities of RCM. With us, you don't have to worry about RCM—we handle all the heavy lifting for you and provide the necessary tools to give you a competitive edge.

Focus on Providing the Best Healthcare Services with Our RCM Service

Revenue Management Services for Health Systems - We Deliver Cutting-Edge RCM Services

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, university medical centers, and healthcare workers face the challenge of improving the standard of care while dealing with reduced reimbursement, increased risk, and mounting pressure. To meet healthcare policy objectives, it is crucial to maximize the productivity of the revenue cycle and enhance billing, coding, and accounts receivable for multiple healthcare institutions. Our medical revenue cycle management services are designed to help you meet these demands easily.


Finnastra Healthcare Services is committed to providing top-notch billing services, covering almost every aspect of the medical billing or patient cycle. We work tirelessly to ensure that our patients receive the most timely and accurate compensation. By streamlining the invoicing process, we make compensation faster and simpler. Our team operates 24/7, with dedicated billers and billing experts working while you sleep.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a critical process in healthcare, responsible for ensuring that healthcare providers' payment, claims processing, and revenue generation run smoothly. That's where Finnastra comes in. As an expert provider of RCM services, we manage the entire revenue cycle for your practice, from patient admission and treatment to discharge and post-discharge claims. With our expertise, your practice can benefit from streamlined operations, accelerated cash flow, faster revenue realization, and constant monitoring of key revenue cycles.

Our RCM services provide better financial stability and flexibility for managing day-to-day operations while tackling industry challenges. Since our inception, we have worked with various clinics, hospitals, and family-based medical practices, offering them tailored revenue management services at affordable prices.


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Outsource Your Revenue Cycle Management 

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