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Pulmonary Medicine Billing

Premium Pulmonary Medicine Billing Services

Lead the Way in Boosting Revenue Collections for Your Practice with Expertise


The field of pulmonology has come a long way, expanding its horizons and bringing with it a unique set of challenges for pulmonologists. Balancing patient care with billing requirements can be quite a juggling act, burdening practices with administrative complexities that can hamper efficiency and financial stability.

But fear not! There's a solution to help you navigate these challenges and maximize your revenue. By teaming up with an outsourcing provider, you can wave goodbye to the headaches and hello to a thriving practice characterized by smooth operations and increased earnings.


Supercharge Your Pulmonology Medical Billing with an Outsourcing Partner

As pulmonology continues to grow and evolve, managing your operations with precision becomes crucial. That's where an experienced outsourcing provider specializing in pulmonology medical billing comes in handy. They have the inside scoop on all the ins and outs of this field, ensuring that everything is dotted and everything is crossed.

With our in-depth knowledge of pulmonology procedures and terminology, our outsourcing partner ensures that all CPT and ICD codes are accurately documented. This meticulous approach makes it a breeze to track underpayments and stay compliant with those pesky contractual adjustments, ultimately leading to significant improvements in your financial performance.


But wait, there's more! Our partner also excels at tackling reporting requirements and follow-up procedures, going above and beyond to optimize revenue generation and streamline your practice's efficiency.

So, if you're ready to take your revenue collections to the next level, partnering with an outsourcing provider who knows the pulmonology game inside out is the way to go. Get ready to breathe easier and watch your practice thrive!

"Finnastra Healthcare Services is the best when it comes to Pulmonology medical billing At Finnastra Healthcare Services, we owe all our efforts to helping your practice out financially in a manner that is upheld by the industry standards. Our track record in pulmonology-specific diagnostic codes is beyond impeccable, which is why we are able to avoid mistakes while making more money for ourselves at the same time keeping up with all these regulations."

Among all the billing processes, we have documentation for each one of them meticulously, using in-depth analysis for tracking and following up with comprehensive procedures. Adhering by the book to the CMS rules, we apply basic CPT, HCPCS codes and ICD-CM diagnosis codes which ensure best outcomes for your Pulmonology Practice.


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Why we are your reliable billing partner?

Application Usage: We have expertise in almost all of the top-notch PMS/EMR applications and we use the practice billing application as an extended arm of the practice so there aren’t any interruptions in practice cash flow due to provider enrollments and switches

Quality assurance: This will include regular QA checks that are meant to keep errors at a minimum level while maintaining compliance to standards.

Unshakable secrecy: We observe strict privacy rules when handling client files thus ensuring their safety from unauthorized access by any party while keeping them safe during transfer to another agent through use of top care and secretive measures. Currently keep in touch so that your clinic’s financial statements are consistent, there is always something delivered by them which is top-notch care.

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