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Mastering Spravato Billing: Navigating Complexities and Maximizing Efficiency

Navigating Complex Billing Codes: Properly coding for Spravato requires precise documentation to ensure correct reimbursement.

Insurance Verification Hassles: Securing insurance verification and prior authorization can be time-consuming due to varying coverage policies.

Medical Supervision Billing: Billing for necessary medical supervision during Spravato sessions demands meticulous adherence to billing guidelines.

Variable Reimbursement and Coverage: Reimbursement rates vary widely among insurers, affecting financial outcomes and requiring careful navigation of coverage limitations.

Strict Documentation Compliance: Detailed documentation of patient assessments and treatment plans is crucial for meeting insurance regulations and avoiding billing errors.

Minimizing Errors and Denials: Preventing coding mistakes and incomplete documentation is essential to avoid claim denials and maintain smooth cash flow.

What is SPRAVATO®?

SPRAVATO® is a new depression drug approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in decades. It is specifically designed for people with Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD). If you've been diagnosed with depression and haven't had success with at least two different oral antidepressants, you might be eligible for SPRAVATO®.

Optimizing Spravato Billing: Tailored Solutions for Success

Streamlined Documentation and Coding

Use specialized EHR systems with templates for accurate documentation of Spravato sessions, ensuring compliance with billing requirements.

Efficient Insurance Management

Implement automated tools or dedicated staff for quick insurance verification and prior authorizations, maintaining clear communication with insurers for seamless approvals.

Standardized Supervision Protocols

: Establish and enforce protocols for documenting medical supervision during Spravato sessions, providing thorough training to ensure consistent compliance.

Optimized Reimbursement Strategies

Advocate for fair reimbursement rates based on the value of Spravato treatments, staying informed on reimbursement policies and negotiating effectively with insurers.

Why choose Finnastra?

We specialize in handling Benefits Verification and Authorizations, critical in the Spravato revenue cycle.

Benefits for You:

- Partnering with the nation's largest Spravato billing service provider.

- Achieving Pre Authorization within 4 business days on an average.

- Securing competitive pricing from specialized suppliers.

- Assisting with strategic Buy & Bill procedures.


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Billing and Collection Solution

At Finnastra, we prioritize excellence in Spravato medical billing services. We ensure thorough eligibility verification and benefits determination at least two days before submitting claims. Our commitment includes securing pre-authorization within five days of prescribing Spravato treatments. We diligently submit and track claims to ensure prompt billing and reimbursement. We proactively monitor and resolve any exclusions and clearing house rejections swiftly to facilitate accurate claim resubmission. Weekly reports detail claim denials, followed by strategic appeals managed with legal oversight. Furthermore, we conduct detailed analysis of accounts receivable aged 30 days or more, identifying and correcting outstanding balances for resubmission. We ensure your practice's profitability with transparent and proactive management of Spravato claims, optimizing CPT code usage and ensuring swift collections. Our comprehensive approach ensures efficient revenue cycle management and maximizes financial outcomes for healthcare providers offering Spravato treatments.

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