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Complexity in Coding and Documentation

Urgent care providers mostly treat a wide range of cases from minor injuries to acute illnesses and omissions. The wider scope of services entails accurate coding under CPT and ICD-10 guidelines, which can be difficult to perceive or might not be communicated effectively at first if not properly documented.

High Patient Volume and Time Sensitivity

Urgent care facilities behave under high patient volumes and the visits last very short, so the patient encounters very little time for his/her health data to be correctly documented and billed. The charge capture and submission are the first to be affected by such delays and this could impact revenue flow and operation efficiency.

Insurance Verification and Coverage Issues

Patient coverage verification and comprehending many insurers' policies are the two tasks that the medical office staff think most tedious. Employee's or patient’s insurance inaccuracies can result in claim's rejections or reimbursements  delays.

Revenue Cycle Management Challenges

An effective response to revenue cycle management is critical for urgent care facilities if they are to remain solvent. This involves ensuring the accurate and timely capture of charges, prompt denial management for claims, and timely payments from patients and insurance companies.

Real Time Eligibility Verification

We utilize in-bult functionalities in Practice Management Systems/Payer sites/IVR/AVR to check members eligibility real time to ensure the member/patient is covered for the Date of Service. 

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

By means of a set of result-oriented strategies, Finnastra excels at this practice and ultimately helps the urgent care units to manage their finances more efficiently. Emphasized as the first and foremost here is quicker claim submissions together with right and appealing ways of managing denied claims and patient invoices


Urgent care facilities offer a critical role in the provision of everyday access to medical care services to the local community, but they face challenges of a different nature in their billing and revenue cycle management. Finnastra is the one that has specifically focused on directing urgent care centers with the result of a productive way, very effective. In fact, Finnastra has been beyond just coding. This is because they find a way to access comprehensive care solutions through them finally.


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Urgent Care in Healthcare

Urgent care services are crucial in the medical economy as they ensure patients receive medical attention when their regular medical plan is not available. They also handle minor medical devices and therefore, additional equipment should be billed so there is actual cost tracking. Along with which urgent care can often have some very long waiting times that patients have to endure. That is nothing unusual but, in most cases, forces the patients to wait a long time.

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