FinaPay offers automated, paperless invoice  processing and  integrated Accounts Payable solution  with 3-way auto-reconciliation between Invoice, Purchase Order and Delivery Note.

Useful KPIs and real-time Dashboard  technology with on-demand audit reports making it very transparent and regulatory compliant. Configurable workflows with flexible OCR automation and invoice data retention policy.

Supplier portal is the key value add in FinAPay providing a integrated single platform for all suppliers to submit their invoices and monitor the status of their invoice payments which reduces quarterly supplier reconciliation efforts.


  • Faster Invoice batch processing and scanning with automated 3 way reconciliation saving time and cost
  • Reduce human intervention and avoid operational errors
  • Provides comparative analytics, operational KPI’s and audit capabilities
  • Configurable in different geographies and across different ERP systems
  • Supplier self service portal as a value add